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Alidra PER

Charity Support

Where managers and directors of third sector organisations find the support they need, when they need it.


We offer a range of services

Whether you are a newly formed or a well established charity, our approach (and services) are suitable for all. 

Each of our services begins with a FREE 30 minute phone call.The aim of which is to establish if and how we are able to help, and for us to decide between us if we are a good fit. We could just focus on a pressing issue if you choose. If you are unable to use the phone, feel free to use the contact form.

Services Overview


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We help you to prioritise the steps necessary to operate your charity legally, ethically and productively. 


We help you to discover the potential of your charity by exploring – and negotiating – obstacles and opportunities. 


We can review practically any aspect of your organisation.  


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In preparation for making funding applications, we design effective methods of consultation to help you identify what your users of service need and are likely to use.


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We can evaluate the information which has been gathered and decide between us which of your services – or new project ideas – are both in line with your aims and are requested by your users.


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We can prepare reports to provide the evidence of need statements, which support funding applications.


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In preparation for growth and development, we help you plan for the future by designing:
organisational growth strategies
fundraising strategies
social media strategies
business plans and more.


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We can help with project design to help you achieve your aims. 
We can help you prepare for expansion, practically, psychologically and legally.


An opportunity to discuss your personal and professional progress. 
We can be a sounding board, a source of information, a critical friend and a mentor. 

Manager Mentoring

  • Do you lead a small but dedicated team of staff and/or volunteers?

  • Are you, like most charity managers, struggling with the demands of the job because everything appears to have a high priority?

  • Has your work become your evening activity? 

  • Is your annual leave and TOIL often left un-taken?

  • Does every board meeting lead to more work?

  • Do you feel like you are carrying the weight of the charity on your shoulders?

  • Do you think that if you gave up, the charity would cease to continue?

  • Do you feel that if only you had a sounding board, it would help you to see more clearly?

If you have answered yes to any of our questions, we can help.

Here at Alidra PER we have heard the same comments made over and over. 

Alidra PER has a specialist support service designed exactly for people like you: intelligent, committed, dedicated managers who sometimes don’t know which way to turn.

  • Are you working alone or in a position where you need to keep professional distance? If so, there are areas of your work which may never receive feedback, how does that feel?
  • Do you have issues or small niggles that you feel are growing out of control? 

An hour with Ali could be all you need to give you the reassurance you need to progress.

We help you to prioritise, evaluate and review.

We can provide the following:

Fundraising Strategies | Development Strategies | Project Design | Evidence of Need Statements | Social Media Strategies | Policies & Procedures | Staff and Volunteer Recruitment Advice and Support | Board Recruitment and Retention Advice and Support |

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