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About Alidra

Our Values

When we say we will do something, we will do it; if we can’t do something we will tell you.

We have a healthy respect for people, for difference, for your confidentiality; we treat others as we wish to be treated.

We believe in continuous learning and professional development; we attend conferences and undertake training to maintain our skills or learn new ones.

We are passionate about what we do and are determined to do a good job; your success is our success. We approach every contract with enthusiasm and a can do attitude.

We believe in the power and benefits of community and that together we can make a difference.

Equality and Diversity
All lives matter. We are privileged to have worked with communities and charities made up of – and representing – all diverse social groups and we will continue to do so. We do our very best to be inclusive and make our services accessible to all. We will recruit the help of others if we need translators, interpreters, signers or someone with specific expertise we don’t currently possess.

About Ali

I was a Brownie! There was something quite amazing about being part of a community – I don’t think I necessarily understood what that meant at the time, all I remember is a team working together, interacting, being taught about friendships, kindness and compassion for others, but most of all just having fun. I think it rubbed off along the way. I’ve always had a social conscience.

I’ve been part of so many communities over the years and seen and experienced the benefits first hand.

Fast forward to my choice of subjects at university: sociology, applied social studies and social anthropology and my interest in people and communities was official. My choice of dissertation subject, when studying for the MA in voluntary and public sectors, policy and process, was all about communities, clearly that passion and interest isn’t going away any time fast.

A little about my work

I’ve had the privilege of working with so many amazing groups, clubs, communities and charities – many on a pro bono or voluntary basis – and have built up a body of skills, knowledge and experience which is ongoing; I’ve continued to learn and to develop (I’m currently doing an information, advice and guidance course and have signed up to a community development course for next month) I’ve formalised that knowledge and given it an academic perspective with three university courses.

Working with people for the benefit of society has become my passion. I’ve learned how to spot the intervention that will make the biggest difference to you and to your organisation or project and I’m known as a lateral thinker with a thorough and detailed perspective when it comes to problem solving. 

People often say that they think outside the box, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that box.


Over 25 years, Ali has worked with the full range of charities representing different religions, ethnicities, illnesses, disabilities, age groups, genders, sexualities and economic positions. She has conducted extensive consultations on behalf of health and housing organisations. 

Ali has been a CEO of a charity, the chair on a board of trustees and a member of the management team of a CVS (Council for Voluntary Service). She has managed an extensive port folio of health and well-being associated charities, advising on strategic development, fundraising and governance. She was participation officer for a strategic partnership ensuring local community groups and charities could participate in the neighbourhood renewal agenda.

She has managed IT projects, managed admin teams, edited several newspapers and represented the voluntary sector on regional health boards and at Strategic Partnerships. She has formed community groups from scratch. She received an award for developing a community group for the RAF and won Volunteer of the Year for the development and support work she did for a charity. 


Ali is currently studying for an award in Information, Advice and Guidance, and has the following qualifications:

  • BA in applied social studies and social anthropology, which was awarded with first class honours
  • MA in Voluntary and Public Sectors: Policy and Practice
  • The Institute of Fundraising’s Certificate in Fundraising Management


  • Equality and Diversity
  • Change Management
  • Women in Management (ILF) 
  • Train the trainers (in Equality & Diversity)
  • Caribbean Studies
  • Counselling Skills
  • Deaf Awareness
  • Trans Awareness
  • Disability Awareness
  • Trustees’ Responsibilities


Other courses attended include:

  • Engaging young people
  • Engaging communities in planning & decision making
  • Participation techniques
  • Strategic Review
  • Health Impact Assessments
  • Recruiting Volunteers
  • Data Protection
  • Trans Awareness
  • Legal Responsibilities of Management Committees
  • Process of Managing Change
  • Child Protection Awareness and Response
  • Organisational Development

If you are the manager, founder or trustee of a new or small charity, I would encourage you to take advantage of the FREE thirty minute phone conversation to help you think more clearly or to discover how I can help you with ongoing support.   If it’s not you I’m describing, then tell you friends, acquaintances and relatives, because everyone knows someone involved in a charity, CIC or community group. 

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