Business Anthropology

As an anthropologist working with your company, I can help you understand what's going on. I apply anthropological concepts, methods and tools to the needs of your organisation.
Through analysis of behaviour, organisational structures and corporate cultures, my research insights provide actionable recommendations to improve inter-departmental working relationships or relationships between business and stakeholders, which ultimately support business growth

Until your business has benefited from the work of an anthropologist, you'll never know how much you need one.

UX Research

If you are in the business of digital transformation, you already know that a User Experience Researcher is a crucial member of the team. Add an anthropologist with a background in the charity and public sectors - involving communities, conducting consultations and incorporating user feedback into service delivery - then you'll realise that a different insight might be just what is required, especially in the discovery phase of digital transformation. 

Combining extensive industry expertise with a first class honours degree in anthropology and the recent completion of the MA in public and voluntary sectors' policy and practice, I aim to improve services and organisations, particularly from the user experience perspective.
I have delivered significant insights into "community" opinion, ensuring user-centred services improved to achieve better outcomes.
I would like to deliver similar results in an investigative research role with a disjointed company or in a digital transformation role - specifically in the discovery phase - for companies engaged by charities and the government to undertake those transformations.

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