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Alidra PER

Charity Support

Where managers and directors of third sector organisations find the support they need, when they need it.

When everything is your responsibility, why add stress and overwhelm to the list?
By helping you to prioritise your ideas, goals, plans and tasks, managing your charity will feel less isolating, less consuming and the work more achievable. 

So you’ve started a charity, now what do you do? 

We are here to help you take the next – sometimes confusing and time consuming – steps, so you can quickly get on with the good work you plan to do. 

If you haven’t yet decided that forming a charity is definitely the route for you, refer to the notes for links to more information which will help with your decision making. 

Prioritise Explore Review

Not everyone possesses every skill necessary to run a new charity.

Managers, founders and trustees of new and emerging small charities often have to be experts in every aspect of running the organisation, alas, managers don’t always have the time to develop the skills necessary to be able to work across the broad spectrum of roles.
We offer a free phone call session to help you prioritise. From there we can offer ongoing support – either telephone support or practical, hands on work – to reduce your workload.


If you are unable to use the phone, feel free to use the contact form

White print on a blue background. Alidra Prioritise Explore Review

If you are an established charity, we can help you explore new projects or strategies to achieve your charitable objects and develop further.

If you’re a manager of a charity – or of a department within one – you may be struggling with your workload; our review service can help you to achieve your professional and organisational goals. We can be a critical friend, a sounding board, a mentor or just help you with a nudge in the right direction.
Find out more about our services by clicking the link

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